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DNF has 19 beans is it better to switch to trance sets or endless jewelry?

2018-05-04 11:12:21

DNF has 19 beans is it better to switch to trance sets or endless jewelry? Dungeons and warriors have 19 beans, weapon is a demon knife, is it better to change light or change endless jewelry?


According to your current equipment, Xiao Mo further recommends that you redeem the activity of gluteal jewelry. This is equivalent to you directly have the trance set plus ten, the ascension is very obvious!


As for the weapons, the demon knife is actually more than the ancient light in terms of damage and underground, but there is a point that needs to be said is the final destination of the sword soul or the lightsaber!


So Yunyun here recommend you to make a production epic, the intensity of the production of epic is basically the same, open the magic of the ancient, and in the underground fluency, as well as their special effects are more handsome than ancient weapons!


This information comes from experience


In the case of +10 trance condom more than three endless is only a three-speed gap, which does not exist in the case of formation. So you can rest assured for three endless!


Other than that, you've played Luke a few times, and you'll see that the bar is low for Luke now. When you have three endless to match up with your gear and craft epic weapons, being a Luk Master c is no problem!