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Distinguishing and analyzing technique of K-line two-level morphology

2018-04-02 12:48:29

As the old saying goes: no steps, even a thousand miles. No small flow, no success. Making gold investment requires investors to master the required knowledge step by step, enhance their judgment ability, and make the right decision. The following global precious metals to share with you the k line two-level form of discrimination analysis skills. The k line represents the technical analysis chart of the price change in the unit period. The so-called K line is the rise and fall of various daily, weekly, and monthly opening prices, closing prices, highest prices, and lowest prices, etc., which are displayed graphically. K line is also known as Yin and Yang line, rod line, red and black line or candle line, after a period of time, the stock price on the chart is formed in a special area or shape, different forms show different meanings. We can glean something regular out of these morphological changes. The K-line pattern can be divided into reverse pattern, finishing pattern, notch and trend line. The K chart has the characteristics of intuitive, three-dimensional, carrying large amount of information, predicting the future trend of the market is more accurate, and is a more widely used technical analysis means today, after a long time or rapid unilateral trend of the bipolar market, there is a large or extreme reverse trend, while matching classic technical evidence. Such as the K value of the KDJ line around the sky star type large K line reaches below 15 or above 85, etc., which is a typical signal of bottoming or peaking l Sun spread water: Counter sliding line: The stock price in the high-end continuous out of two downward Yin line, the third day long counterattack, and then pull a large sun line, the first two Yin lines are swallowed up. It seems that the buying strength has been enhanced, but the essence may be that the main force is pulling up the shipment, which is also a rare escape line for investors. As long as the last sun line is pulled after the Yin line, the K line combination is more secure. Therefore, even if you are not out on the day of pulling out Dayang, the next day when the stock price falls below the closing price of Dayang, you should consider taking profits. Top three crows: Stock price inertia rush, in the high-end two consecutive high open low to form a false negative line combination, then pull a downward negative line, the three negative lines become a typical "top three crows", usually the main force at a high level to pull up the obvious signs of shipment. Under normal circumstances, both "see the top three crows", may ship. Even if there is not necessarily a rapid correction immediately, it is necessary to fall into the bag for safety and avoid risks. Kongming meteorite: high-grade abandoned bow line: in the high price circle, there is a jump in the upward bow line, and the next day, a solid long negative line is immediately received, which usually means that the high level of the stock price has been blocked after a sharp rise, and the bull has an unfavorable start, and it is natural to adjust. Under normal circumstances, investors who have goods should rush to ship, at the latest the next day when the stock price falls below the closing price of the bow line to consider out, so as not to become victims of adjustment. l Top only Yin: After a period of continuous upward market, the stock price jumped sharply higher, because it was suppressed by profit and fell back to close near the previous close, and the next day opened low, leaving an unprecedented Yin line towering above the cloud. The high opening of the top Yin line in the K line combination is usually the main institution to pull up the shipment intentionally, so it may also become a good opportunity for small and medium-sized retail investors to exit, and profit taking should be considered.