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Dior Homme Perfume how to distinguish the real

2018-01-21 17:36:00

Perfume is a fashion indispensable equipment, let your sex appeal to reach an extreme. Perfume is about quality, a fine perfume will make your image plus, how can you buy genuine perfume? Let's learn how to distinguish the true and fake perfume. For online shopping, buyers must know how to distinguish the true and fake, in order not to buy fake!


Perfume packaging like other goods, the fine packaging often reflects the intrinsic quality of the product. The manufacturing process of the perfume bottle is also the external expression of the perfume grade, and even the packaging bottles of some perfume products represent the highest level of glass technology in the manufacturing country.


When identifying the quality of the perfume, pay special attention to the sealing of the perfume bottle, and there should be no gap between the mouth and the cap, otherwise it will easily lead to the evaporation of alcohol and dry up. In addition, pay attention to whether the perfume packaging is neat, whether the pattern is clear, and whether the appearance of the bottle has cracks and other defects. If the perfume bottle with the nozzle, it should also check whether the nozzle is flexible and whether there is leakage.


The color of perfume quality perfume must be clear and transparent, high clarity of the liquid, without any precipitation. Generally does not contain pigment, at 30 degrees Celsius temperature, after 24 hours without discoloration. The inferior perfume evaporates quickly, the smell is pungent, and the color will gradually turn white under sunlight.


The perfume of the three aromas of the real perfume is not easy to imitate, so the simpler the fragrance, the easier it is to fake. Quality perfumes are pure in scent and last for a while. Brand perfume in addition to the aroma, there are front taste, middle taste, after taste can be divided, each stage does not have the same aroma, each has its own charm. Counterfeit perfumes, on the other hand, last for a short time, especially those of inferior quality, which have a pungent smell and a faint scent.