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Dior Dior perfume true me women perfume true and false identification

2018-01-20 20:48:00

Dior has always made everything in its kingdom fully reflect the charm of women. Dior once said of perfume: "Perfume is a door to a whole new world, so I choose to make perfume, even if you just stay next to it for a while, you can feel the charm of my design." Every woman I dress gives off a vague seductive elegance, perfume is an indispensable complement to female personality, only it can embellish my clothes, make it more perfect. It works with fashion to make women glamorous."


Perfume bottle parts comparison, pay attention to check the Dior Dior perfume nozzle, really bright color.


Look at the top of the perfume bottle to see the logo inside, the real perfume to see very clearly, not blurred.


dior perfume bottle cap inside also has a difference oh, the real interior is one black, and there is a metallic color stroke.


Carefully compare the appearance of dior perfume bottle, the texture of the bottle is not the same, the real dior perfume bottle is metallic texture, the color of the perfume is more transparent.