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Different people, how to choose 1.71 lenses?

2018-04-08 16:00:31

Since the introduction of 1.71 lenses, it has filled the gap in the price performance ratio of the lens market and found the balance point between the refractive index of the lens and the price (1.60 and 1.67 are cheap, but thick; 1.74 thin, but very expensive), thin lenses, cost-effective, plus Abbe number effectively control dispersion, so it is popular in the market. However, 1.71 lenses have various functions such as daily general use, anti-blue light, PMC super bright, intelligent color change, progressive multi-focus, multi-effect protection, so different people, how to choose 1.71 lenses, in order to be more suitable for themselves?


1.71 Lenses


[Users pursuing price concessions] can consider the 1.71 daily universal lens, this lens has the basic performance of 1.71 lenses, high refractive index, low dispersion, so that the glasses are thinner, lighter and clearer, for users with no special requirements, the price is more favorable.


[Long-term use of computer // flat panel/TV users] the harmful blue light produced by electronic screens will cause eye fatigue, and may even cause macular lesions of the eye, and 1.71 anti-blue light lens adopts the innovative technology of "film reflection + substrate absorption" to achieve dual dual-effect anti-blue light, so users who use computers // flat panel/TV for a long time, You can choose 1.71 anti-blue lens to block the damage of harmful blue light to your eyes. Heavy users can also consider an upgraded version of the anti-blue light Pro lens.


[Users who frequent indoor and outdoor access] Frequent indoor and outdoor access, the visual environment faced by the eyes, the light intensity changes significantly, the pupil keeps shrinking and magnifying, easy to cause eye fatigue, it is recommended to consider 1.71 smart color-changing lenses, through the lens film color-changing technology, according to the intensity of light automatically adjust the lens color, dark under strong light, transparent under indoor light. A mirror dual purpose, automatic block UV, both fashionable and healthy.


[Users who often change to look far and near] Often look far and near, requiring the lens to be adjusted frequently, easy to make eyes tired, and 1.71 progressive multi-focus lenses, a pair of lenses have multiple focal points, to meet the needs of users wearing a variety of scenes, see far, medium and near, the field of vision is clear, easy to cope with changing eye scenes.


[The pursuit of high transmittance, clearer users] As we all know, the higher the lens transmittance, there is enough light into the eye, see things will naturally be clearer (such as insufficient light at night, see things are not clear), if you pursue the lens transmittance, the clarity of the object, then you can consider 1.71PMC super bright lenses, This kind of lens is made of raw materials independently developed and produced. The raw materials are of high purity, pure and transparent, and the transmittance is as high as 98.6%. When wearing, people can hardly feel the existence of the lens.

Matters needing attention

1.71 Another lens is a multi-effect protective lens with focal anti-blue light and intelligent discoloration functions.