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Developer Services market Share Report 2014

2018-03-16 09:36:21

Developers always do not know how to start when choosing services, there is a saying that "let the market test competitiveness". Surveyed nearly ten application markets, extracted nearly 140,000 of them, through technical means and data analysis, obtained this developer service market share report for your reference. The top three overall rankings are Tencent Open platform - mobile applications (user capabilities), Google AdMob, and Youmeng game statistical analysis. The reason for this result is also clear to everyone: the number of users is the pride of Tencent, but also developers hope to get, the use of third-party login can reduce the user registration time, improve the user experience; Advertising is a skill that Google depends on for survival. Although Google has been criticized for its simple profit model (advertising accounts for a large proportion), its advertising service ability is still strong; Youmeng statistical service has been in the industry has a good reputation, its game statistical analysis, statistical analysis ranked third and fourth respectively. The next top 15 in order of proportion are respectively, mobile app payment, services, maps, multi-league advertising, Tencent mobile game platform, cloud push, mobile statistics, 360 in-game payment, Aurora push, LBS cloud positioning. Looking at the performance of the top 15, the most popular services for developers in 2014 were concentrated in four categories: social, statistics, payments, and advertising. Push Push services have always been valued by developers, and message push, new version updates, and advertising push are all required to push functions. There are also many similar products in the market, so what is the situation of the push market in 2014? From the data, we can see that cloud push has a prominent performance, ranking first with a market share of 37.89%. It is worth noting that the Frontia framework is needed when the service is integrated, and push is selected as the default function. Followed by Aurora Push, the market share of 33.45% ranked second; In addition, the old push ranked third, with a market share of 13.45%, and Friends League, as the main statistical service, performed well in push, ranking fourth with a market share of 8.37%. Developer service classification: Map map can be said to be a basic life service, is an important part of the O2O connection project, but also an essential point in a variety of applications based on geographical location. Map as a user commonly used service, habitually hung by everyone is the map or Autonavi navigation, from the statistical data, these two map services rank firmly in the top two, but the market share of the map is far more. (Note: The statistical analysis of map services in this report selected the application market) Developer services category: Advertising platform Advertising platform is a major channel for developers to make money, but also the interest of service providers to fight for the highland, is an important export for advertisers to seek publicity. DevStore has now included more than 100 such platforms, the fierce competition between the advertising platforms we do not need to say more, then in the face of revenue war in 2014, the major advertising platform market battle situation? Let's take a look at the data chart: in the first place is :GoogleAdMob, the market share of 28.72%, for nearly one hundred advertising platform service providers, such results have been very impressive; Next is the first advertising platform of Duomeng, the market share of 12.53%, ranking second; InMobi advertising SDK market share of 9.68% ranked third, as India's largest mobile advertising, in such a proportion, is very fierce; In terms of advertising should be very good but also ranked fourth, mobile advertising alliance speed is a little too slow. At present, the statistics of the market share of AD aggregation data collected on DevStore are as follows: AD aggregation, as the name suggests, is the aggregation of multiple advertising platforms, as an SDK embedded in the mobile application to obtain revenue. The top five in terms of market share are AdView, Mango, Adview, Grab Cat and Domi. Developer service classification: Statistics as an important data reference source in product operation, not PC or mobile software is a mandatory embedded service. Data metrics (downloads, retention, daily activity, monthly activity, etc.) can directly reflect the level of attention of the product, and developers can optimize their products by measuring changes in each metric data. Alliance statistics in the statistical service position is temporarily untouchable, ranked in the top two are alliance game statistical analysis (30.03%) and Alliance statistical analysis (28.65%), mobile statistics market share (14.66%) is only half of the alliance statistical analysis. It is worth mentioning that CNZZ has always performed well on the PC side, but the statistics of the mobile side have only just started, and the action is slow. Developer services: The payment platform has driven the development of the online transaction era, and it is not surprising that its (30.84% of the market) ranks first; Next is the mobile app payment accounted for 26.48%, ranking second (as if the ear heard the fast and the battle sound, how tense); In third place is 360 in-game payments, with a market share of 20.05%, which can access multiple payment channels at once. It is worth noting that at the beginning of this year, a series of layouts were made in the payment field, and 2015 was a war between payments. Developer service classification: application encryption mobile security issues are particularly important, the market security products from the data sampling point of view, love encryption accounted for 40.98% ranked first, Bang bang accounted for 40.70% ranked second, from the overall proportion, love encryption and bang bang are almost the same,360 reinforcement guarantee accounted for 13.66% ranked third, foreign products APKProte ct accounted for 2.58%, ranking fourth. Developer services category: third-party login mobile applications how to quickly get users, third-party login is undoubtedly a good choice, we have talked about the user ability of Tencent, which is ranked first with 60.39% of the market share; The third party account accounts for 13.40%; 360 accounts for 9.55%, ranking third. Developer services classification: Instant messaging For each application to join the instant messaging service, is the initial appeal of every instant messaging service provider. In 2014, the new service providers performed well, which was also due to the promotion of each company in place, and Rongyun ranked first. Classification of developer services: According to the application market data survey of the game open platform listed by DevStore, there is a wide gap between various service providers. Tencent mobile game platform alone accounts for 94.20% of the market share; UC Nine open platform accounted for 2.97%, and Anzhi mobile online game accounted for 1.62%, ranking second and third respectively; This may have something to do with the app market we looked at. Developer service classification: Social sharing social first is the data statistics market share of 30.52% ranked first, social sharing accounted for 17.13% ranked second, friends league social sharing 14.89% ranked third,ShareSDK accounted for 14.83% ranked fourth, Tencent ranked fifth and sixth. Developer services category: Voice voice: iFlytek has always had a good reputation in the industry, occupying more than half of the market share :59.67% ranked first, followed by BAT products, cloud voice accounted for 35.84% ranked second, as a social service ranking well, but open voice products seem not so popular with developers only accounted for 1 With a 51% share, it ranks third. Mobile SMS Mobile SMS application range is very wide, we contact the most is a variety of verification codes, operators play a very important role in mobile SMS services. Tianyi open platform template SMS and Tianyi WEB SMS API capability interface are tied for the first place with 41.67%. Statement: The basic data of "2014 Developer Services Market Share Report" is obtained by DevStore from the major application markets through statistical surveys and technical analysis, such as business investment or business decisions based on this report,DevStore does not assume legal responsibility.