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Day knife trace to explore Jianghu Jianghu to accompany knowledge detailed explanation

2018-04-06 04:48:43

Look for the trail to explore the river, the root of the question. Resident care crops: When taking care of or collecting crops in the resident forest farm, you can roll immediately after entering the state of reading the strip, and do not wait for the end of the reading strip, and immediately complete the care or collection after rolling.


Home care of crops: home can not use tumbling skills, but there are quick care methods oh, after entering the state of reading, double-click the home NPC can immediately complete the care, but can not move, but you can use three jumps + thousand jins, you can move.


When digging treasure, if the treasure is detected within 14 meters or 14 meters, you can directly shovel the original underground. When there is a hijack word on the head, you can be ranked into the battle, if the opponent is fast, let him catch you off, you will not only not go to prison, you will find that the hijack word on the head is gone after coming out, but it will increase the killing value of 30 oh.


The boxes in the guard granary do not always exist, and will disappear automatically after 3 minutes. Kill Alliance daily can not be completed in the specified sub rudder, killing NPC in other sub rudder can also be completed oh.


The lock key of the keyboard has an automatic walking function, whether you are walking or picking up a horse or pulling a car, just press this key, it will start automatically forward, and you only need to control the direction, with this little skill, pulling darts is not so tired.


How to enter the map outside the air wall, you need a person to cooperate with you, the use of flying skills to push in a little bit, the people in the space, the people outside hold the moon, so little by little repeat a few times.


The necessary free camera code, in any channel in the chat box hit this code, you can enter the free camera perspective, the code is :///EnableFreeCamera 1, change 1 to 0 and send it again to exit, enter the free camera perspective can be operated by small keyboard, "+" is to increase the speed of camera movement, "-" is to reduce the lens moving speed, "1, 2, 3, 5" controls the front and back, "4, 6" controls the height, "8, 9" controls the left and right tilt, "8" is the tilt lens recovery.

Matters needing attention

The above is the key to how to operate, if you feel that this experience is helpful to you, please give me a little support. You can also express your views below.


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