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Day and a half

2018-02-26 16:00:00

I went with my roommate on a short vacation on May. Do not do any guidelines, go to play as you like. It's like five steps to one, ten steps to one.


It takes 20 minutes to get to the North Railway Station by bullet train. Super convenient. But the only bad thing is that the North station centrifuge is a little far away, and it takes half an hour to get to the heart. But you can take section 15 to the train station. Section 15 is very fast.


Accommodation: It is recommended to live near the city square, convenient transportation, and it is very convenient to go to the scenic spot. This time I live in Home Like City Square, booked a special room for college students, but the room is really small to terrible, suggest to find a few more wine to do a comparison.


After I got to the wine and put down my luggage, my roommate and I started out in the scenic spot. First stop we went to Kurabashi Naoji Street. To go, can not eat rice wine Popsicle and stinky tofu, is simply a tourist snack sign ah !!!!! Yellow packaging is the most delicious, bought two different bosses said so. There are turnip cake is delicious ah, do not know is I hungry or what, in the Cang Bridge played about half of the time, in fact, we are to find food, we will play drop to Shenyuan, about 7~8 pieces.


The second station Shenyuan, go to scenic spots must take student ID, can be half cheaper ticket ah. After listening to the conductor's introduction in Shenyuan, we bought a joint ticket, which is valid for two days. After entering Shenyuan, you will find that it is simply a summer resort, the temperature when we went to at least 30 degrees. I came out of Shenyuan to eat a bowl of manglian bean curd and met a small fox, super white


Shen Yuan opposite is Lu Xun's former residence, Baicao Garden, three taste book house, these three scenic spots are free of money, but you need to brush your ID card to go in, so remember to take your ID card when traveling. Another one is that there is a Starbucks opposite Lu Xun's former residence, and there is a Wang Old man stinky tofu that is delicious than I eat in the straight street. The dog was met at the gate of Lu Xun's former residence, very funny. They said it belonged to a pearl owner.


The next day we will go according to the attractions above the ticket, if you feel that you can not finish, remember to go to the expensive place first. Ticket I forget how much, Lanting is full ticket 80, half price 40. But I went to CAI Yuanpei's former residence, full ticket 5 yuan, half ticket 2 yuan


May be want to promote the development of tourism, when we go to the gate of Lu Xun's hometown there is a free bus to the gate of the scenic spot, if you can go to you need to search the route. It greatly saves our time. The statue of Yu the Great was on Kuaiji Mountain. We said that we could not walk any further, so we did not go up. However, it should be very spectacular, because it was huge from a distance. Finally, Lanting, the end of the trip.


I was so excited to buy a first-class seat back, super comfortable even though I only enjoyed it for 20 minutes. I think the BRT one-way pass is cute, and Burger King is really delicious hahahahahahaha. The perfect trip.