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Dark Souls 3 High Tapach plot how to trigger

2018-05-08 08:00:59

In Dark Souls 3 game, Patch is an NPC who likes to pit players, although Patch will not cause direct damage to players, but will try to push players to dangerous places, but for the plot of Patch is very important, so players do not oppose it on impulse. Next, we'll take a look at how Patch's plot is triggered.


Dark Souls 3




This article is based on experience


Climb to the top of the fire sacrifice ground, we will see the gate, go out and turn left, we can see the tower outside the fire sacrifice ground.


Near the entrance of the tower, we will see the iron gate. To open the iron gate, we need to use the key of the tower. After using the iron gate, the gate will be opened and we can enter the tower.


The tower is mainly a spiral staircase. After climbing the stairs, we cross a stone bridge and enter the main place. At the end of the road we will see a lift.


Boarding the elevator, we will see the "Tainted Firewoman soul" at the top, a special item in the game that allows the Firewoman to gain new skills, and then we can go down.


Get the item down, it will trigger the Patch story, Patch will lock us in the elevator room, we talk to him, Patch will taunt the player, but will not help us open the door.


We can use the return bone directly, or we can slowly jump down from the side, and we can return to the fire sacrifice site. When they get back, Patch will be a merchant, at the end of the road to the fire altar.

Matters needing attention

Patch is an NPC who has a plot with the thief.


Original experience, thank you for your support.