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Daily p picture how to adjust the picture

2018-04-24 09:36:52

Thank you for watching, we have a lot of pictures, in fact, the ratio of light and dark is particularly inappropriate, especially their own photos, light and dark is very inappropriate, so it looks particularly not good, then how to adjust it, the following Xiaobian will say it!



Daily p chart


The first step, download and install every day p picture, and then click the shortcut icon, gently open every day p picture, and then click the photo beautification, and then select a picture that you need to beautify, open this picture, and then click the adjustment on the following picture!


Here we must first adjust the brightness, brightness for the picture is very important, the picture at the beginning of a lot of brightness are not suitable, adjust the brightness according to their own picture! Pull the progress bar, you can adjust!


After the brightness, and contrast adjustment is complete, you can click the position below the image, which is this color!


This content has been taken from experience without authorization


After adjusting the color, you can adjust the clarity of the picture, which is very important for the picture! Click on the position under the picture!


Here, it is very clear, adjust the clarity of the picture can be, but the adjustment of too high will be counterproductive, according to their own pictures! Small series of this is a little tone is not suitable!


If you want to see the comparison with no modification, you can click the position on the figure without loosening, so that you can see the difference before the modification!


Finally, after you are satisfied with the changes, click the check mark and you are done with the changes!

Matters needing attention

Thank you for watching, Xiaobian sincerely hope to be able to help you, Xiaobian will work harder to write experience, but there may be some mistakes in the experience, please mention it, do not get used to it, say it! Xiaobian will find the first time to new editing experience, if you feel that it is not very bad, thank you, but also please give a lot of advice, write a better experience!