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Cycling route guide

2018-03-14 20:48:00

Located in the northwest of China, it is a prefecture-level city in the province. It is famous for its karst mountains and verdant waters of the Li River. Here are some tips on cycling routes for your reference.


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Route 1 - Two Rivers and Four Lakes route (about 8 km) mainly to enjoy the two rivers and four lakes, scenic spots, the King city scenic spot (逍遥楼, East-west lane, Jingjiang Wangcheng alone, mountain), these several scenic spots.


Route 1 -- Two Rivers and Four Lakes route The figure takes the railway station as the starting point, railway station -- scenic spot -- Shanhu -- Wangcheng Scenic spot (逍遥楼, Dongxixiang, Jingjiang Wangcheng Alone) -- Fubo Mountain -- Mountain -- wood -- Guihu -- Ronghu -- Railway Station (complete).


Route 2 - Yaoshan route The main goal of Yaoshan route, Jingjiang Royal Mausoleum (Jianzhuang Royal Mausoleum) and Yaoshan (ropeway) as the goal, you can go to a special stutter to eat more affordable (near the scenic spot some expensive).


Route 2 - Yaoshan route (about 12 km one way) as shown in the urban departure along the Jinfi Road to the east, the fork to the left (Jingjiang Royal Mausoleum and Yaoshan), to the right navigation, forestry school on a right turn on the mountain is on the Yaoshan ropeway route, and then a right turn on the intersection is Jingjiang Royal Mausoleum.


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Route 3 - As shown in the figure, there are bicycle lanes on most sides of the road, and the route is very clear when driving on the side of the road.