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Crystal varieties complete illustration

2018-03-27 01:36:16

Crystals are rare minerals, a kind of gemstone, quartz crystals, which belong to the Quartz group in mineralogy. The main chemical component is silica. The irradiated trace elements form color centers of different colors and produce different colors.



Crystal type:

[Amethyst] : Brazil is one of the main producers of natural crystals. Amethyst is not capable of intense high temperature irradiation. Amethyst symbolizes intelligence and wealth, in other words, it has the dual effect of amethyst and topaz; It also strengthens the sixth sense. It has the effect of dissolving villains. It has the function of blending two extreme energies.


[Topaz] : commonly known as the "stone of wealth", the main wealth, increase the luck of wealth, is the crystal of wealth, the best choice for investors and businessmen. The sun wheel can also be developed to regulate the gastrointestinal digestive system. It is often used for processing crystal ornamental stones, crystal carving, crystal jewelry, crystal balls and so on.


[Red hair crystal] : Red rabbit hair crystal such as fine hair soft winding, like a beautiful woman's hair. It is an expensive variety of crystal and is extremely rare in production. Red hair crystals can increase vitality, but also can enhance self-confidence, can regulate women's hormones.


[Crystal] : Crystal is one of the crystal family, transparent and opaque, fully transparent is also known as colorless crystal, mineralogy belongs to the quartz group, the main chemical composition is silica, pure natural crystalline silica content as high as 99.999%. It is commonly used as a sculpture material, and is most famous for making crystal balls. This kind of crystal ball is regarded as a family decoration in foreign countries.


[Amethyst] : Named for its simultaneous appearance of at least two colors of purple and yellow, gem-grade natural amethyst is precious and rare. The purple of amethyst represents wisdom, and the yellow represents wealth, and crystals with both purple and yellow colors are believed to bring superior wisdom and wealth. Because the growth environment of amethyst is very special, the production is also very limited, so in the western legend, the person wearing amethyst is the person who is selected by amethyst, is the person who can become the master of their own fate, and because of its unique legend is known as the "love guardian stone" in the West.


[Powder crystal] : Scientific name stone, there are ordinary powder crystal, powder crystal, ice powder crystal, starlight powder crystal four kinds. Powder crystal main development heart wheel, strengthen the heart and lung function of the health. It can relax tension, relieve irritability, help to go deep into the heart, and find self to improve understanding. Peach blossom, increase the opposite sex, pink, is the color of marriage, the main love, also known as love stone, improve love luck, promote a happy marriage.


[Green ghost] : In the growth process of the crystal, including chlorite mineral material, in the crystal, the emergence of cornucopia, water plants, whirlpools, to pyramids, stars, melaleuca and other visions, known as vision crystal, multi-layered overlapping melaleuca green ghost is known as phantom crystal. The Green Ghost is also a very good talisman, with the effect of exorcising evil spirits. The green ghost has a corporeal appearance, the green ghost corporeal decoration at home is very suitable, it can not only gather money to keep money, but also the town house to ward off evil.


[Green hair crystal] : Green hair crystal is a natural crystal containing the inner inclusions of needle-like minerals, which are arranged in different combinations and distributed in the interior of the crystal, and the whole looks like the crystal contains hair strands. Green hair crystal can increase business luck, not only can make the business in good condition, but also promote good health.


[Tea crystal] : most of the hexagonal columns, the appearance is transparent crystal, the size is different, there are geodes, crystal clusters, crystal tips and other shapes. It's radioactive. The color of tea crystal is formed by natural radiation, the color is different, light brown, dark brown, black brown. Promote the development of regenerative ability, make wound heal faster, enhance immunity, activate cells, restore youth, and have the effect of rejuvenation. It can help to analyze and master the ability of affairs, and help to improve the taste. Especially absorbing turbid gas, warding off evil effect is the best.

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