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"Crysis 3" about "prophet" "resurrection" situation analysis

2018-05-12 17:36:10

Crisland 3 is a very exquisite screen work shooting game, the game screen still gives people a strong shock, just like in the movie game in general, combined with the dazzling compact electronic music, and the symphony of the majestic spirit of the sound effect, very smooth operation, in addition to a choice of professional equipment, I believe this rich game dinner will make you full of food, of course, That is, if your PC is configured to run this Crysis 3 video card killer game.


Let me give you my opinion. I replayed the first three games (Generation 1, Warhead, and Generation 2) before Generation 3 was released.


This is what it looks like to me. In the second generation, it was originally known that it was indeed "suicide", but in fact, at this time all his memories and consciousness have been implanted into the biochemical suit (mentioned in the game, which also explains why he will know what happened in the second generation), and he is also expected to carry out a deep scan of the second generation protagonist "Aktez" wearing his biochemical suit. So he presupposes that his memory will be reactivated and enter Aktez's brain when he undergoes a deep scan in the Bionsuit, but at this time, he does not replace Aktez's main consciousness (in the game, he talks to Aktez in a purely ideological manner: "Do you think I really left?" And the "Get up and fight, Marine!" ).


This information is taken from experience without authorization


At the end of the film, the Prophet does not "wear" a bio-suit, but can also be invisible. The reason is because of the self-evolution of the biochemical suit, "can become any form it wants to change" (mentioned at the end of the 3 generation game), the so-called "think" that must be the "think" of the person wearing the clothes, which is naturally the consciousness of the prophet. So, in the end, it actually "changed" its appearance to the prophet's original appearance (how could it choose? First of all, because the prophet's consciousness and the biochemical suit are fused together, the biochemical suit is a semi-biological, self-evolving armor, so of course it will change according to the consciousness of the host, the game is very clear), equivalent to a mimicry. To sum up, the last person is actually: biochemical suit +ceph cells + the consciousness of the "original prophet" + Aktez body, the appearance is a mimicry of the biochemical suit. So I guess all the questions are clear at this point?