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Cross stitch bookmark pattern

2018-05-04 06:24:54

This mode is an interesting way to play in everyday computer commands. Beginner bookbinders will love this pattern because of the simple lines and simple text.




These patterns are a great choice for your next craft night. There are several designs to choose from. You can sew one or all of them. Print designs and let your guests pick out their favorite patterns for stitching. Each mode is a different skill level, so each type of cross-binder is the real thing.


There's nothing better than a good book that just wants a cat to snuggle in your lap while you read. Kaligrilles shares her cat bookmarks for free. This pattern and blog is in French, but it can be easily translated. As with all freemium models, please respect the copyright claims of the creator of the model.


Modern art lovers will go crazy with bookmarks from this free Cyber Stitchers geometric art. The pattern showcases a mid-century modern design that can be customized to suit your favorite color palette. You can also add letters to your bookmarks for a more personalized touch effect.


Not all people want modern shapes or sn phrases - they prefer something traditional and elegant. 123 Pins has these elegant bookmark kits for sale on their website. These kits include everything you need to cross-stitch these bookmarks. You will receive the correct amount of floss and find the end of your project.


Share rainbows with your favorite readers. This inspiring model is a beautiful gift for a friend who needs a little bit of relay during tough times. Bookmarks are also a great way to practice your writing and are a great project for both beginners and more advanced cross-stitch.


These stained glass bookmarks are a great gift for beauty and beast lovers in your life. Give them a copy of the original fairy tale with one or all three bookmarks. All cross stitch has this pattern, which includes all three designs purchased on the website.


Kincavel Krosses' "My Book" cross stitch pattern of hands is a great way to get your message and save your location at the same time. This model is free. You can copy, share and customize this pattern to your liking. You can only sell completed projects to charities, not commercially.