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Contract three countries career strategy will be soul call introduction

2018-03-17 16:00:03

"Contract Three Kingdoms" is a close to The Three Kingdoms theme to create a combat strategy game, rich and colorful game content deeply attracted the eyes of players. Colorful combat, intense platoon arrangement, for this game has brought a more colorful game experience. Next, to introduce to you the contract of the three countries career strategy will be soul call introduction. Because of the reason, players should have more or less will have some of the soul fragments of the accumulation, these will be the soul fragments are not useless oh. Because it is possible to synthesize the true soul through the synthesis of several sheets. Will the soul for the players to fight how much effect, I believe the players know it. By clicking the battle array in the lower right corner of the game interface, click the soul button below, you will enter the soul system. Here players can see that the soul is divided into three categories: bowman, infantry and cavalry. Players will be able to see all the ghost pieces collected in their copy in these three categories. The number displayed above each icon is the number needed to summon this soul, which is usually divided into 2, 10, 20, 30. The more precious the soul, the more pieces of the soul will be needed. The soul is also divided into different qualities, players should pay attention to the difference. The soul is mainly divided into white, green, blue, purple, orange five qualities, white is the worst, orange is the best. Players in the call before you can click the icon to enter it to see the quality and ability of the soul, suitable for their own call, if not suitable, you can through the synthesis system will be five of their own unnecessary soul synthesis of a higher level of the soul.