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Cold season prostatitis treatment how to care

2018-04-24 19:12:40

Urology specialist hospital prostatitis experts suggest: male friends when the climate turns cool to pay special attention to protect the prostate. Especially young and middle-aged men, it is a high-risk group of prostate disease, poor living habits make the body resistance is low or other parts of the infection, pathogens are easy to invade the prostate, harm prostate health. Specific should do the following:


Avoid spicy stimulating food: spicy stimulating food can make the body more humid heat, make the prostate hyperemia and swelling, affect urination, so usually should avoid eating chili, ginger, curry, mustard, pepper, etc., for seasoning use, but also put less appropriate. In addition, wine also has a certain stimulating effect, so that the prostate congestion and urination is not good, so it is not suitable to drink more;


Avoid cold food: cold food can be used as cold stimulation, the prostate contraction, resulting in unfavorable urine circulation, such as some frozen drinks, cold food should not be eaten in autumn and winter;


Taboo: Patients with prostate disease are very sensitive to hair, and common clinical prostate disease patients have urinary obstruction after eating hair. This may be caused by hair entering the human body, stimulating the body, causing congestion and edema of the prostate gland that has been diseased and pressing on the urethra. Common products are: dog meat, mutton, bird meat, venison, pig head meat, leek, garlic shoots and so on.