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CNC cutting machine: What kind of equipment is better to use for doors?

2018-04-19 16:00:27

At present, there are many different models of CNC cutting machine equipment on the market. Single-head double-head engraving machine, three-process, four-process CNC woodworking cutting machine, in-line, disc automatic knife change cutting machine, etc. So many models of equipment, which is more suitable for wooden door processing?


Blue elephant straight line automatic tool changing machine


The whole house custom home is more cabinet doors, processing is more complicated than the cabinet. In general, if only the cabinet is processed, the four-process CNC cutting machine can basically meet the processing needs.


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The same goes for solid wood door panels. If the pursuit of beauty, the pattern is more complex, the straight line automatic tool changing machine is still the first choice.


But compared with the cabinet door, the solid wood door texture is harder, and the processing speed should be reduced, and the processing speed will be relatively low.