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Clothing anti-theft buckle how to open

2018-03-18 09:36:09

The principle is composed of a steel needle, a plastic shell and a lock core. The lock core is actually a simple device formed by three steel balls, a steel ring and a spring. The steel ball is normally closed by the spring thrust, and when the steel needle is inserted, the steel ball is tightly locked in the gap of the steel needle. The steel needle can be smoothly pulled out of the magnetic buckle. Magnetic steel above 8000GS is commonly used by cashiers, two, open method (1) find a magnet and magnetic buckle lock head contact (magnetic buckle bump) slightly shake the magnetic buckle so that the steel ball can fully contact with the magnet pull out the steel needle, pay attention to the magnet and lock head contact do not pull the steel needle, because if the steel ball if there is no magnet attraction will only pull tighter. Try to pull out the needle after full rotation. (2) The previous steps are the same as above, when the magnet is in contact with the lock head, the hand holding the magnetic buckle slightly taps the magnet with some force and then turns the magnetic buckle, and then pulls the steel needle with the nail. Because the supermarket magnetic buckle has been recycled for a long time, some steel balls are not so smooth, or rust. Sensitivity is down. (3) Forced removal, removal is actually very simple, only need to use the fire lock core position, that is, the convex piece with a tool to open a small gap to take out the spring, and then the steel needle up on the table to knock a few times, gently pull out the steel needle. If it is not convenient to use fire to lock the position of the core, it is easy to open the button by clamping the edge of the button with pliers when removing the button, because there is a small hollow area at the edge.




All we have to do is take a strong magnet


Touch the tip to the magnet


The nail will then be pushed out of the anti-theft buckle due to the suction force of the magnet