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Cleaning tips - Glass and sofa

2018-05-12 20:48:47

Cleaning is to make the living environment more comfortable and warm. At the end of the year, it is a custom in many places to carry out a comprehensive cleaning, especially in the off-year. Of course, in peacetime, you can also carry out some cleaning. Let me introduce some cleaning tips. Some methods come from the introduction of the network, not all belong to their own personal experience, hope to bring convenience to everyone




White spirit





Glass panel

Peel the onion and cut it in half, rub the glass with the cut, and wipe it quickly with a dry cloth.


You can mix half vinegar and half water, spray it on the glass with a watering can, and then wipe it off with a rag. Or dip a little white wine with a wet cloth, so that the glass after rubbing is clean and bright.


Spray the cleaner evenly onto the thick stained glass, and then apply plastic wrap. The main reason is to let the oil on the glass window fully soften, 10 minutes later, tear off the plastic wrap, and then wipe with a rag, simple and convenient.

Sofa chapter

Fabric sofa: When cleaning fabric sofa, wet wipe may leave stains, so apply a vacuum cleaner to absorb surface dust. Clean the plush sofa, can be sprayed with carpet cleaner, and then vacuum, dust is easy to suck down; Or use a brush dipped in a little diluted alcohol to brush once, and then dry with a hairdryer; If you encounter juice stains, mix with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and rub with a cloth. The stains will disappear.


Leather sofa: Direct sunlight on the leather will make the colored leather fade, and air conditioning will make the leather hard. Therefore, the leather sofa should not be placed in the direct sunlight, nor should it be placed in the place where the air conditioner blows directly. When cleaning the sofa, you can not use alkaline cleaning solution, because it is acidic when making leather, and alkaline will reduce the softness of the leather, and long-term use will wrinkle.


Pet hair: Use a hair remover to remove the hair, then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust.

Matters needing attention

Glass cleaning should be careful, pay attention to safety


The sofa should be exposed to the sun more, mite control is very important