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Classic finished novel recommendation

2018-03-31 09:36:28

From the university began to contact online novels, book age calculation also has seven years, and now push a few personal think the most classic novel, worth collecting, can not stop.


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"Little soldier Legend" enlightenment book, Star Wars classic, smooth plot, characters distinct character, not eunuch not obscene not harem, but very good looking.


"Sheng Long Road" true novels, the protagonist is a little evil, but very heavy love, wonderful story, wonderful life, let people aftertaste.


"Kunlun" new martial arts representative, I believe everyone has read, the best book, here is not much to introduce


"Fairy Inverse" characters into the plot slowly, but slowly in-depth will be attracted, there is a strong sense of substitution, is definitely a history of struggle


"Search spirit" "Wild" favorite book, many of the characters inside are alive, without delay, grief and joy, let people sigh.


"Demon Rhapsody of Tomorrow's Hot Sun" is also a favorite book, the protagonist's character is really excellent, the whole novel makes people tense and witty, the power can be seen.


"Sin City" because of blasphemy and read this book, there is a slight gap in the plot, but at least beyond the majority of eunuch novels at that time, chasing for a long time.


"Cover the sky" plot scene is very big, the early plot is really a bit can not watch, as if the fourth time to forcibly look back, they can not stop, strong push, excellent book.

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