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Choose home curtains to cool down in summer!

2018-04-20 11:12:09

When I saw that the thermometer on the wall was about to soar to 40 degrees, I realized that summer had really come! If you live in the middle of the house with a west facing window in the summer is not good! Even with the air conditioning on, you can still feel a heat wave! In fact, it is not so difficult to fix the summer sun! Xiaobian brings you the summer guide, choose a good home curtain to cool down the summer! 【 Summer home curtains pay attention to the direction is the key! 】 East facing: Most people know that the southeast apartment is the best room. The east window first ushered in the morning light and, even in the hot summer, the morning light is not so hot, if you want to bright morning, small floral curtains or blinds are a good choice! South: The south is sunny all year round, careful observation is not difficult to find that almost all the balconies are facing south. In the summer, the sun is strong, and it is recommended that the window that opens south is the best choice of blinds, because the blinds can both keep the privacy of the room, and can spread the sunlight evenly through the parallel shutter lattice. To the west: for the west-facing house in the summer, it is "cup" to the west-facing window, you should choose curtains with heat insulation and light insulation function, of course, you can also use heat insulation paper and heat insulation board (similar to the kind on the car, the silver plate on the front windshield) is also OK. Finally it says north. The north facing Windows are mostly towards the kitchen, with less sunlight and very soft light. Such a room naturally does not need thick curtains. Thin window screens are a good choice.