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Chinese Valentine's Day wedding photos! You have the most beautiful smile!

2018-03-28 00:00:47

Friends who plan to take wedding photos pay attention, what do you need to pay attention to when taking wedding photos? Just look at it.


Best shooting time from April to August: there are fewer couples taking wedding photos in this period, and the price of wedding photos is relatively cheap in this period. But this season, the weather is also the hottest time, everyone must pay attention to sun protection when shooting.


Take pictures of scenic spots, rocks, mangroves, bays, clear waters, beaches and undersea landscapes, etc., and the 8 km long coastline, with many exotic flowers and grasses and primitive tropical vegetation, is suitable for swimming in the four seasons and carrying out various kinds of sea sports.


Bay China's longest tourist coast, stretching 22 km. Walking on the thin beach in the bay, the green trees on the shore such as belts, constituting the beautiful scenery of the tourist city.


On the right side of the great tourist area is a rocky land with beautiful scenery. In front of the blue sea, at the foot of the sea is not rotten rocks. Witness the beautiful love with the sea and rocks, and let the beautiful love remain unchanged.


Wuzhizhou Island is known as the "Maldives" of China. Facing the sea, the rocks are steep, straight into the sea, and the waves are spectacular. The central mountains and grasslands undulating, green shadow dancing. The north beach is flat and quiet, and the sand is white and delicate, like a jade belt.


West Island scene rich, clouds, sunset, pure, southern style. Play the most cost-effective choice. A pearl in the south, eating, drinking and playing can not be wrong. A lot of girls are more like the church scene.


The most attractive is the sea and sky line swimming pool, fishing platform, seamount wonders, fairy feet, test sword peak. Sea/mountain/stone scenery is very beautiful, for the first scenic spot in Qiongya.