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Characteristics and parameters of intelligent artificial climate chamber

2018-03-13 03:12:10

Intelligent artificial climate box is also known as the seed germination box, the volume of the instrument equipment 268~1000L, the light intensity can be customized by the user. Precision seed germination box adopts microcomputer automatic control, with ultra-mild sensor abnormal protection function, optional full-spectrum plant growth lamp, is conducive to plant growth, improve disease resistance.


Top RTOP-Y series intelligent artificial climate box


1, large screen LCD display, Chinese guide the operation process, simple operation, precise control, blue backlight, easy to view at night. 2, the use of mirror stainless steel inner liner, four corners semi-arc transition, no tools can be removed the box inner partition or partition strip, easy to disinfect and clean. 3, the program can be set time, temperature, illuminance and other gradient control. Time period control 99 programming, each time period 1-99 hours, you can set different segment parameters to meet the different parameters of plant growth. 4, with ultra-mild sensor abnormal protection function, to ensure the safety of instruments and samples, equipped with LED growth lights, more uniform illumination, higher illumination, conducive to the growth of plants, improve disease resistance. 5, intuitive display time, time remaining time, light level, box temperature and ambient temperature. The inner tank is equipped with a temperature protection device, which is higher than the inner tank protection temperature, the software and hardware automatically cut off the power supply and protect the test sample. 6, with the sterilization function, set the sterilization time, the sterilization function is automatically turned off after the sterilization time. 7, with power failure memory, power failure time automatic compensation function, after power failure again can continue the original working state. 8, the incubator light source is suitable for plant growth LED light source, low energy consumption, low heat advantages, illuminance level 3 adjustable. 9, can be installed networking port, networking type can be in the end and PC end real-time view the box current working status and historical temperature and humidity operating data,PC end can export historical data. (optional)

Technical parameter

Temperature control range: 0~50 ° C (no light), 10~50 ° C (light) Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5 ° C Temperature uniformity: ±1 ° C Humidity control range: 50% ~ 90%RH Humidity fluctuation: ±7%RH Temperature, humidity, light programmable segment number: liquid crystal 1 ~ 99 periods of automatic light level: 0~ 10 illuminance: 0 ~ 8000LUX (conventional) (about 300mol m-2s-1), higher illumination can be customized; (Type 1 :0 ~ 12000LUX) (Type 2 :0 ~ 22000LUX) Life: 100,000 hours at room temperature; Note: All my incubators can increase the light intensity according to user requirements. Networking mode Optional: Standard version adopts RJ45 networking. If the network cable is not convenient, you can purchase WIFI module networking separately.

Matters needing attention

The Angle of the intelligent artificial climate box should not be greater than 45° when handling, otherwise it is easy to damage the refrigerator in the box;


The instrument should be away from electromagnetic interference and grounded at the same time when powering the instrument.


The space on the left and right sides of the instrument against the wall is an air duct. Do not occupy the air duct when placing objects, so as not to cause poor ventilation and uneven temperature.