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Car windshield has stubborn stains, how to remove there are tricks!

2018-05-12 19:12:10

Driving on the road, clear line of sight is extremely important, if the front is blurred, it will seriously interfere with the line of sight, leading to driver misjudgment, serious and even lead to human accidents. The following is an introduction to the car windshield with foreign bodies, how to remove stubborn stains:


The windshield isn't clean


Methods for removing stubborn stains


There is dust on the surface of the windshield. There are many windy and sandy weather in spring, and sometimes just after washing the car, a gust of wind will scatter a dirty layer of floating dust on the car. Driving through the floating dust on the glass is like seeing flowers in fog, affecting the driver's line of sight. After getting on the car, before getting off, be sure to clean the floating dust on the glass. You can wipe with wet wipes or wet soft cloth, and then spray glass water, with a wiper twice, it will be clean as before.


This page is based on experience


In a similar situation, first dampen the spots with water, or dilute water with dishwashing liquid, wet them with a soft cloth, gently wipe them, and they will soon be removed. Then use the wiper and scrape it all over again.


Bird droppings on the windshield. The bird droppings fell from the sky and quickly solidified on the glass, dry and hard, and disgusting to look at. In this case, do not scrape hard, easy to damage the glass. You can spray wet to soften the bird droppings and then remove them with a snow shovel. The force should not scratch the glass. Then wipe with a damp cloth, or spray glass water, with a wiper scrape.


The windshield spattered with concrete spots. When parking, try to avoid the construction area, the car spatter cement spots, the fastest time to wet and remove. Once dry, it will stick to the glass or the body of the car, and picking hard will form irreparable scratches. If it solidifies, you can go to the car wash, spray it vigorously with a water gun for a while, and then wipe it off.


Usually pay attention to maintain the wiper blade. If the wiper blade accumulates too many stains, the surface will be convex and uneven, and it will also affect the use effect, and it will accelerate aging for a long time. Owners can prepare a clean towel, wet, rub over the wiper blade, so that the wiper blade will be clean as before, keep smooth.


Residual glass rust on the windshield. This is more difficult to remove, first wipe with a wet cloth, and then use a clean wet cloth, dipped in alcohol or liquor, and wipe the car glass vigorously, so that it is quickly cleared.


Stubborn stains or small scratches on the windshield. Apply it with toothpaste, moisten it with water, wipe it with a sponge or soft cloth, and rub it again with glass water. It'll be clean as ever.

Matters needing attention

These are the small tricks to clear the windshield stubborn stains, the car friends can according to their own car situation, try to use.