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Can you learn to sing with a bad voice?

2018-03-20 16:00:47

Many people like to sing, but feel that their voice is ugly, not suitable for singing. In fact, this idea is wrong, the voice is not good still can sing, but the timbre is different.


Looking around the music world today, there are people of all kinds of moods, who can also become professional singers with their not very good voices. Perhaps lovers do not need to worry, as long as they master the basic method, singing as good.


If you do not have any singing basis, you may wish to choose a singer who is close to your own timbre according to your own timbre and imitate him.


When learning a song, listen to the original song first, and then practice singing along with the original song.


When imitating the original singing, carefully understand some of the skills of the original singing, the use of trill, the conversion of true false notes and so on.


For novices, it is often impossible to sing high notes, so songs with particularly high tones are not recommended. It's easy to break your voice if you try to sing.


So for most of my bass and midrange, I use the two resonating cavities of the chest and abdomen, so that the voice will sound more profound and magnetic.


When you are very proficient in a song, you can practice singing along with the backing band. Master these methods, persevere, there will be harvest.