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Can I recover data after the memory card is formatted? Memory card data recovery

2018-04-09 03:12:24

Memory card is one of the important storage tools in our daily work and study, sometimes we will accidentally delete or format the data in the memory card, at this time how to do? Today I will teach you the method of memory card data recovery.


Software: Xunmi data recovery


System: Windows 7/ Windows 10


Step 1, open the software, connect the memory card to the computer through the external device, select and click "USB flash drive/Memory card" data recovery function.


Step 2 Select a file type based on the file to be recovered after formatting. For example, if the file to be recovered is Word, PDF, PPT, etc., then select "Document" directly. Format the files that need to be recovered are AVI, MP4, MOV, etc., then check "Video" directly. Format the need to recover too many files, you can also directly select "select all types" and click "Scan".


Finally, after the software scan is complete, you can briefly preview the list of scanned files. Confirm to find your formatted file, you can select and click the "Recovery" button in the lower right corner of the software.


Fourth, if the lost files are not scanned, you can continue to use the "deep scan" function of the software.