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Caiyue Silver agent consulting!

2018-04-13 22:24:40

International opened on June 7 at 22.65 yuan, the lowest at 21.58 dollars, the highest at 22.83 dollars, and finally closed at 21.66 dollars. Intraday move of $1.25. The international market closed sharply down on June 7, and continued to weaken repeatedly under the suppression of the midline downward trend, facing the main long-term support below, and it is expected that the market will maintain the rhythm of repeated declines for a long time. How to make money in gold speculation expert free guide to Bank Gold TD Account Opening Guide Bank Gold Simulation trading software Set Gold Number Desktop Quotation Tool Price key support is at $21.33 and May 20 low of $20.25, followed by $17.70. Resistance is at $22.80, $23.30.20, $24.84 and $25.20. After Friday's fall, the price is close to the March 2008 high of $21.33 support, a break below $20.25, another break will test $17.70. $21.33- $17.70 as a key support area for a longer period.