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Buy serious illness insurance which is good

2018-03-31 17:36:59

Many people in the decision to serious illness, will ask a question, that is, serious illness which is good? In fact, there is no good point, only suitable for yourself.


To buy a serious illness, you should know whether you are suitable for long-term or short-term insurance


When purchasing critical illness insurance, although the premium of short-term insurance products (such as single-year products) is cheaper, it does not make much sense, after all, the chance of getting sick once insured is very small. If the insurance is renewed every year, the overall investment will be much more than buying long-term insurance. The rate of serious illness insurance increases with age, the older the premium is higher, and the long-term insurance is paid every year according to the corresponding rate at the time of signing the policy, so it is more cost-effective to buy long-term insurance.


If you want to insure against serious illness, think of your age


That's true. Generally speaking, insurance does not accept policyholders over the age of 60, of course, there are now some products specifically for the elderly, but from the premium calculation, the premium of elderly policyholders is higher, so the earlier the insurance is more cost-effective.


Which is good to choose serious disease insurance?


There are many serious illness insurance products on the market, and you should choose according to your actual needs when buying. Since the products of each insurance are different, you should compare the various products of each insurance before buying, and make sure that the insurance products you buy are the most needed and the most affordable. Consumers can also according to their actual situation and needs to carry out the product portfolio, with less money to buy the most suitable for their own products, so the problem of which is good or do not think.


At present, many serious illness insurance policies in the market are sold in the form of main insurance or additional insurance, which is more appropriate?


At present, there are two ways to buy serious illness insurance on the market: as the main insurance or as an additional insurance to buy together with other main insurance. Experts believe that the difference between the cost of these two forms of serious illness insurance is not large, but most of the long-term serious illness insurance on the market now is a combination of life insurance and serious illness insurance, which can take into account the need for protection and principal preservation.