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Brown corundum application range

2018-05-13 12:48:22

Brown corundum is known as the teeth of industry: mainly used in refractory materials, grinding wheels, sandblasting. So how big is the application range of brown corundum? Haixu abrasive small series for you to introduce in detail.

Brown corundum application range

Sandblasting - abrasive hardness moderate, high density, no free silica, significant, good toughness, is the ideal "environmental protection" type sandblasting material, widely used in aluminum, copper profile glass, washed jeans precision mold and other fields;


Functional fillers - mainly used for automotive brake parts, special tires, special construction products and other collar can be used as building highway pavement. The airstrip. The dock. Parking. Industrial floor. Sports venues and other wear-resistant materials;


Filter media - is a new application field of abrasive, using granular abrasive as the bottom medium of the filter bed, purifying drinking water or wastewater, is a new type of water filtration material, especially suitable for non-ferrous metal beneficiation: oil drilling mud weight agent:


Free grinding - Grinding grade abrasives, used in imaging, optical glass, monocrystalline silicon, lenses, watch glass, crystal glass, jade and other fields of free grinding, is a commonly used advanced grinding material;


Used in the manufacture of high-grade refractory materials, castables, refractory bricks and so on.


Coated abrasives - abrasives are the raw materials of sandpaper, gauze and other producers;


Hydraulic cutting - abrasive as the cutting medium, relying on high pressure hydraulic jet for basic cutting, applied to oil, steel and other parts of the cutting, is a new, environmentally friendly, safe cutting method.


Resin abrasives - abrasives have suitable color, good hardness, toughness, suitable particle section type and cutting edge retention, applied to resin abrasives, the effect is ideal;