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[Bra brand] Three points for pregnant women to choose a bra

2018-03-22 17:36:11

Pregnant, the chest has become larger, the previous bra has been unable to wear, and the ordinary bra can not meet the special needs of pregnant women. What kind of bra do pregnant women need? The bra suitable for pregnant women should meet the following requirements: First, to ensure that the reserve cup: pregnant women's chest circumference from 5 months of pregnancy to the birth of the child, postpartum lactation period, will become larger and larger. Therefore, the pregnant woman's bra must take this into account, and there should be a bra suitable for all periods of use. To meet the requirements of different chest sizes. The maternity bra should have a reserved cup design to accommodate the increasing size of the pregnant woman's breasts. Second, in terms of material selection, lace material can be used, and silk cotton fabric can be selected as the lining, which is easy to breathe and absorb sweat, and the touch is relatively detailed, so that pregnant women can wear comfortably. Third, the appearance of the selection: to adapt to the natural changes of the prenatal breast, to the cell developed breast to choose comfortable, can maintain the shape of the breast, can not hinder breast development, but also can easily cover and hold up the increasingly large breast. Pregnant women's bras should be designed with open breastfeeding to facilitate breastfeeding during the replenishment period. Note: This article is written for the web and is not original