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Boxing Emperor 97 Chen Guohan move form Chen Guohan recruit teaching

2018-05-14 19:12:51

What is the Boxing Emperor 97 Chen Guohan's move list? What skills does Chen Guohan teaching have, I will bring you the boxing emperor 97 Chen Guohan form and Chen Guohan teaching.


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Chen Guohan, we also call Chen Khan, because the problem of translation to China is the national Han, I made a Chen Guohan's move table, the sum of all Chen Guohan's skills and big moves, you can see.


Succession method 1: Chen Guohan's succession method is very single, and there is not much hand skills, we can go to each other in front of the squat leg or fist, and then directly accept the throwing technique destruction.


Combo Method 2: This combo requires us to explode and have a certain hand speed to play, jump up to heavy legs, and then light fists, squat to catch the great damage.


Joint move Method 3: We can use the squat punch to bounce the opponent away, and then squat light punch round escape. The damage is very high.


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