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BMW 5 Series maintenance costs

2018-03-14 11:12:00

BMW 5 Series maintenance cost first guarantee: 10,000 km or 12 months Second guarantee: 20,000 km or 24 months maintenance interval: 10,000 km or 12 months BMW Brilliance all models provide a two-year unlimited mileage warranty, followed by a routine maintenance every 10,000 km, an oil filter replacement every 20,000 km, and a major maintenance every 40,000 km. The following is the BMW 5 Series maintenance cost table for your reference: BMW 5 Series vehicle warranty: Two years unlimited mileage warranty. The current five series was born in 2004, BMW's five series is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding series in the history of automobiles, its peak era should be from the third generation of E34 (1988-1996) began, and today's five series is the third generation of E34 products. The biggest advantage of beautiful appearance atmosphere; The interior is calm, good workmanship, rich configuration; Plenty of space. The biggest disadvantage of the interior material is poor, the interior odor of BMW Brilliance 5 series is serious, which has a great impact on health; Minor problems are obvious; Some netizens have reflected the phenomenon of burning oil. The overall appearance has BMW's iconic design factors, the body is slim and atmospheric, strong and dynamic, smooth lines, netizens commented, "the appearance and the new 7 series similar to the front face, much like the 7 series, the body is slim, and the tail exhaust cylinder 535 is double-sided double." Interior Interior, the overall stability is relatively stable; The fine workmanship and rich configuration have been praised by netizens, and the seam workmanship is uniform and firm; The air conditioning effect is good, the sound is general, the steering wheel feels good, the display control is convenient and humanized, but netizens complain that the materials used in the car are poor, and the smell in the car is obvious. Power The BMW 5 Series is equipped with a newly developed six-cylinder engine, but the overall power performance is general, and it can only meet daily needs, and some netizens reflect that the shallow accelerator speed is slow. Space The overall space is large and ample, and the rear space is comfortable and legroom. Control BMW Brilliance 5 Series gear shift smooth, clear road sense; The steering wheel is steady and pointing accurately; The chassis passes well, the body stability is strong, the steering is flexible, and the overall handling performance is good. Fuel consumption The BMW Brilliance 5 Series has poor fuel economy and high fuel consumption. Highlight 1: Rear Seat Entertainment Audio-visual Equipment The rear seat entertainment audio-visual equipment is equipped with two 8-inch color displays on the back of the front seats, including a rear central console and integrated DVD player, DVD storage case and remote control. It also offers an infrared port and wireless headphones. The temperature of the rear seat area can also be individually controlled, so that you can enjoy a comfortable journey. Highlight Configuration 2: Intelligent headlights, xenon lamps, including automatic lighting height dynamic adjustment significantly improve lane lighting in bad weather and poor visibility. The servo control headlights illuminate the corner with adjustable headlights as soon as the vehicle begins to turn. Highlight configuration 3: The rain detector includes automatic driving light control system after the rain detector automatically starts the windshield wiper and adjusts the wiper frequency by itself. When the external light brightness decreases, the headlight automatically turns on the system will automatically turn on the low light. Highlight Configuration 4:6-speed automatic transmission with manual shift 6-speed automatic transmission with manual shift. The electric shift mechanism enables very fast, perfect shift for a truly dynamic performance. Highlight Configuration 5: iDrive Control Button Additional functions on the control display can be manipulated with this rotary/press button. The menu system offers four different menus based on four directions: Climate, Communication, navigation and entertainment. Highlight 6: The high-fidelity professional sound system LOGlC7 brings you unprecedented listening enjoyment. 13 speakers create a luxurious sound atmosphere. The mid-bass concept makes use of a subwoofer connected to the base plate so that all basses are perfectly reproduced.