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Beverage refrigerated display cabinet

2018-04-20 01:36:19

Beverage refrigerator is the most popular in the hot summer, refrigerator occupies a very important position in our lives, and its performance in all aspects is constantly improving. However, there are many brands of beverage refrigerated display cabinets, various functions, and the quality is very different, and it may be difficult for you to make a choice if you are not professional. Therefore, before purchasing, we must first determine our own needs, and cannot blindly choose. So, do you know all these shopping basics?


Beverage refrigerated display cabinet


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Volume The volume of the freezer is expressed as the effective volume. The so-called effective volume refers to the volume inside the freezer that can actually be used to store food. Choose the volume of commercial beverage refrigerator is generally more than 300 liters to consider, people who have opened the convenience know that the beverage refrigerator put a lot of drinks, need to support the capacity of the refrigerator is large enough to fully put down, commercial convenience refrigerator is not the same as the home refrigerator, it stores the amount of things is very large, the variety is also very much, so the capacity must be large. So that you can put in more products at once,


When understanding the quality of a beverage refrigerator product, we can understand what compressor it uses in this refrigerator, the compressor is the heart of the refrigerator, and the quality of the compressor will directly affect the use of the refrigerator. In addition, when we buy the refrigerator, we should also check whether there is a drop of paint, scratches, bumps on the panel of this refrigerator, and then check whether the refrigerator door is tight when closed, whether some parts of the refrigerator are wrong, through the inspection of the details of the refrigerator, to ensure the quality of this refrigerator.