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Basketball game record form filling method

2018-02-24 00:00:00

Many people like to play basketball, but not many people have experience in organizing basketball games. In addition to making good plans and preparing materials, it is also very important to record the data of the game correctly. The author here to share how to design and make and fill in the basketball game record form.


The scoreboard; Record sheet; Employee ID card


1. Basic information of the game name of the game, such as: the elimination game of the X XXX Cup Basketball League.


2. Basic team information includes: team name, jersey color, player name, player, etc. You can note starters and substitutes.


3. Signatures of staff include: referee, deputy referee, timekeeper, record keeper, etc.


4. The number of fouls includes the number of fouls committed by the team in a single quarter and the total number of fouls committed by the players. After the team commits four fouls in a single quarter, the penalty is executed from the fifth. A player who commits 5 or 2 common fouls is sent off.


5. Number of timeouts There are 2 time outs in the first half, 3 time outs in the second half, and 1 time out in each overtime. Any time out that is not used in the first half is automatically void (unavailable in the second half).


6. The score record generally needs to record the score of each section and the total score, and the professional needs to record the field goal and free throw score.


The following is the style of basketball game record table, this is a relatively simple version, professional game needs to add more record content, including sub-score, rebound, assist, steal, block shot and so on.


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