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Basic information about writing SCI journal papers

2018-04-09 20:48:09

Most people struggle with how to write and publish a quality, high-level article. In fact, objectively speaking, in the specific writing, you need to consider the following process:


First, what kind of article to write. Such as journal articles, core papers or writing reviews (surveys), methods, theories and so on. The object, carrier, length and emphasis of different articles are different. Short articles have high new requirements, followed by others, so the article writing should focus on new aspects; In addition to the new requirements of journal articles, they also require perfection and high quality, so the writing should be systematic and innovative.


Second, what is the purpose of writing the article? First of all, what is the place where you want to publish, the core is still the journal. Different places have different requirements, especially journal articles. So, before writing an article, try to determine the journal or core to be subscribed to. Then, read a few of the latest journal or core articles to clarify the style and content of the general plan. It is important that the topic chosen is as appropriate as possible to the needs of the subject. Secondly, the time you want to publish, that is, the specific time point of publication. Under normal circumstances, people are lazy, the planning of time, can promote themselves well, you can choose a few more, so that you will be in a busy and excited state, the results will be fast and good, otherwise it is very easy to procrastinate and even ideological "strike". On the other hand, many hospital practitioners, usually limited energy, need to write a big article before the time planning is also required. If you want to speed up the time, you can find the writing of related publications, generally this kind of publishing speed is faster. Be sure to prepare in advance, whether it is the core or the journal, generally six months to more than one year in advance.


Third, the method of writing articles. First of all, you need to understand the structure of the article, the composition of the article, and then start writing the article. Here it should be said again that when writing, you can not fish for three days and sun the rhythm of two days. For an SCI journal paper, if you write it yourself, it is very important to control the time, generally about a week to complete the theme part; Of course, some of my own experiments or research results may take longer, in any case for writing can not be delayed, such a written article is certainly fruitful. Secondly, when writing articles, some places need to pay attention to language expression, try to spell and grammar correct, the full text has no word errors and obvious grammar errors, this requirement is more rigorous, the level of the article can be reflected in the details.


Fourth, generally good articles are revised. After writing, read if you need to make any changes in the content of the finished draft, and improve the terminology of the writing process. After the revision is finished, the submission is submitted. If it is a normal SCI journal article, it can be submitted at any time. Others have a time limit, and some add anonymous submissions.


The above content as a reference, I hope to help you.