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[Bailebao] Just 6 steps to teach you to play social e-commerce

2018-04-12 04:48:50

Ma Yun proposed the concept of "new retail" at the cloud conference, and today's "new retail" will be a vertical mobile social e-commerce, the process is extremely simple, a little thumb can be easily realized, bringing not only trading, but more based on sharing, and trust sharing is the most important thing... The social e-commerce platform selects high-quality products and uploads them, and consumers can buy them by themselves or put them on their own shops to share with friends. Then consumers can earn profits. Baileys V is one such platform that is actively exploring a social sharing business model.


As a sharer in the Internet era, how to play social e-commerce to double their performance? There are mainly six steps:


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Authentic sharing builds trust. Form your own style, establish a trustworthy image, so that everyone can distinguish whether you are trustworthy from a word or a paragraph of text in the circle of friends. Take the initiative to buy the products of others in the circle and share their feelings with each other, which can also build a relationship of trust.


Interact daily and be considerate of others. The so-called details determine success or failure, usually by sharing some delicious fun and other information that everyone is interested in building strong. Warm tips will appear more intimate, someone in the group bought the product, take the initiative to provide instructions and so on.


Take the initiative to publicize and arouse interest. In the circle of friends through pictures, text, live broadcast and other forms, a comprehensive display of the advantages of the product and the use of scenarios, so that everyone is interested in the product. In addition, even if sharing the platform's good and promotional news, mobilize everyone's desire to buy.


Experience feedback, spread by force. After the product is sold, we are encouraged to share more feedback and use feelings, especially those buyers who like to share and show off once the product is in hand, highlighting the first-class quality of the product and the ultimate experience.


Increase stickiness and repeat purchases. Enhance consumer stickiness in order to continue to buy. Benefits and interests are always the weapon to attract consumers, the use of preferential information to target consumer needs, for the sake of consumers, to establish viscosity, so that the brand is deeply rooted in people's hearts.