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Bag zipper broken how to repair

2018-04-13 03:12:38

There are several common ways to repair a bag zipper, you can try the following repair methods:


1. Lubricating liquid or wax: If the zipper is stuck or not smooth, you can try to use some lubricating liquid (such as lubricating oil, remaining candles, etc.) to apply on the gear of the zipper, and then pull the zipper several times to help lubricate and solve the problem of stuck.


2. Replace the zipper slider: If the zipper slider is damaged or does not work properly, you can buy a new zipper slider to replace the damaged slider. This usually involves cutting the original zipper slider with a pair of scissors or pliers, and then reinstalling the new zipper slider through the zipper hole.


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4. Hand mending: If the cloth strip of the zipper is broken or out of line, you can use some thread and needle for hand mending. Align the ends of the strip and use thread and needle to patch along or beside the old seam to ensure the zipper strip is secure.


5. Seek professional repair: If you are not sure how to repair the zipper or the repair effect is not ideal, you can seek professional repair master or sewing help. They have more experience and tools to fix zipper problems for you.


Keep in mind that the effectiveness of zipper repair depends on the condition of the zipper itself and your repair skills. If the problem is more serious or you can't fix it, you may want to consider replacing the zipper or buying a new bag.