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Autumn eye moisturizing tips

2018-05-08 09:36:05

When you go out in the hot sun, you must wear sunglasses, not only to protect your eyesight, but also to protect the fragile skin around your eyes, autumn and winter can not be an exception.


Especially in the dry season, you can add a small amount of vitamin E oil when using eye cream, which can play a moisturizing effect.


Gently wipe milk around your eyes to reduce dark circles.


Use gauze dipped in yogurt, apply around the eyes, 10 minutes at a time, the skin around the eyes can drink water.


When applying eye cream, be sure to be gentle, using your ring finger to pat rather than apply, so that you don't create fine lines.


After applying the eye cream, rub your hands warm and gently cover your eyes to help the absorption of the eye cream.


When the eyes are dry, put a cup of boiling water, close your eyes near the mouth of the cup, steam your eyes with hot air (of course, not too hot), and then immediately apply eye cream, or make an eye mask, very comfortable.


If you can't buy eye mask or feel expensive, buy a bottle of good anti-aging toner, good lotion can be. Pour it on a thick piece of cotton and soak it, then divide it into two evenly, stick it on the eyes, you can separate the upper and lower eyelids, so as not to feel bored, and then it is best to add a plastic wrap on it.


Pay attention to sleeping position, avoid lying on your side in one direction for a long time, not to mention burying your face in the pillow, which is easy to squeeze out wrinkles around your eyes.

Matters needing attention

Get enough sleep, exercise more, drink more water, and promote a good metabolism, so it is not easy to have dark circles under your eyes.