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Ark of Tomorrow PR-D-2 level clearance guide

2018-04-02 11:12:22

The game of the Ark of tomorrow has been on the line for some time, and there may be many small partners who are not clear about the battle method of the game, and are stuck in the PR-D-2 level. Xiaobian will take you to understand the way of clearing the game today, and hope to help the novice.


Huawei P40


Hongmeng 2.0.0


First, we open the Ark of Tomorrow game client, tap the level list PR-D-2 and enter the game.


Start by deploying two pioneers along the road and one medic on the platform, waiting for points to recover.


Then deploy a pellet on the left, and a medic on the right.


The left arrow deploys a Azo, and the right arrow deploys a Meransa.


Deploy a frost leaf at the center arrow to take the next Warlock damage and share some of the output.


The frost leaves can be removed when the warlock has destroyed the light, and a reload and guard on the left side are used to forcefully output the opponent's reload.


As long as we reasonably deploy the position of the agent and open the skill of the agent in time, we can easily complete this level.

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