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Are all the golden pixiu hollow

2018-04-19 19:12:55

Yes, it's usually hollow. Gold jewelry marks include home code, material and purity, such as: X gold 990, XAu990, X gold, etc. Where the letter X is the code name for home. When jewelry is made of precious metals of different materials or different purities, the material and purity should be indicated separately. When the jewelry can not be printed due to too thin or too small reasons, it should be accompanied by a logo containing the imprint content. Extended data: The high color of gold, when thrown to the ground the sound of no rhyme and no elasticity, and the low color of gold sound slightly brighter, and copper products when thrown to the ground, the sound is loud. Therefore, the sound of the knocker can help us distinguish common metals from gold. Full gold has the characteristics of better ductility and hardness, pure gold folding and soft, copper strip folding effort. Or use a pin (nail also) to row, the force is not large and the trace is obvious gold, and the copper force is slightly larger and the trace is slightly worse. Soft and hard only apply to rings, gold wire, etc., for gold bars, gold coins, gold bricks, etc., it is more difficult. Using the grinding head to determine the authenticity of gold is also very effective, but to use the different orientation of the inspected object, such as a few grinding path color is obviously different, then adulteration is undoubtedly.