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Archipelago mountain travel guide

2018-03-29 11:12:29

Network upstream many about the mountain travel strategy, ha ha, then I also come to gather a lively, summarize my share with you, you chivalrous please give me a lot of advice oh.


First of all, everyone has to pay the entrance fee. But the elderly with a senior citizen's card, retired military personnel and military officer's card can be exempted. Therefore, some can be presented before buying a ticket, and there is no need to spend this money.


Secondly, there are many hotels on the mountain, which can be said to be everywhere. General star wine facilities and equipment are relatively complete, but the overall consumption is high. In fact, the hill is very safe, total 12.5 square meters. Everyone can choose a family hotel. All mountain village environment is the best, near the sea, play is also very convenient. There are many people on the island, some pimp with foreign accents, we must not believe. Because that's what they do for a living, kickbacks. There are also some local residents, mainly housewives, who operate hotels with their own families, so everyone can rest assured that they can stay there. However, the price must be stated in advance, and don't forget to ask for a receipt to show proof of payment. Here I can introduce a family hotel, located in the village 28 building No. 62, the owner's wife Shu Baosu. However, the price of the mountain is differentiated according to the off-peak season of tourism, so the level varies from period to period. However, the price is still more affordable than others, and the facilities are well equipped.


Third, things in tourist areas are very expensive. At this time, if you want to buy daily necessities, food, film, even a map, and incense (burned incense), you can let the owner's wife to buy, the price of mainland residents is definitely much cheaper than the price of foreign tourists. A bottle of mineral water in the scenic spot sells for ten yuan a bottle, so before you go to the scenic spot, these things should be prepared in advance. In particular, incense is worth mentioning, and the secret in this middle is too big. Attention, please!


Moreover, of course, you should eat when you go to play, especially seafood. In addition to asking the price, but also pay attention to whether the short catty lack of good, but also pay special attention to whether the dead in exchange for living. There are bad vendors everywhere, especially in tourist areas. If you want, you can ask your boss to buy seafood for you in the market, you just set a standard, explain your meaning, you can eat two meals with the price of one meal in the meal. It's plenty, it's delicious, it's real.


Finally, the problems of transportation and tour guides must also be mentioned. Buses dominate the mountain. In fact, there are bus stops between each scenic spot and attractions, which is also very convenient. Some friends who want to package taxis pay attention to the high cost of Baoshan, and it is said that the charter car, in fact, this car does not follow you. Drop you off at a scenic spot, it runs away, you want to change the scenic spot, or you have to call it to pick it up, you have to wait for it. So, it's no different than taking a bus. As for tour guides, I personally think buying a map is more free to play. However, some elderly people should pay attention if they want to ask a guide, there are not many regular guides on the mountain, most of them are wild guides, which is purely a guide. If you want a proper one, you need to see if she has a tour guide's pass.


Safety issues are also mentioned. Be careful to take pictures on the reef, don't go too far outside, the waves are very dangerous. When you burn incense and worship Buddha, you should pay attention to your wallet. Although public security is good, you should also be careful. You are not afraid of ten thousand yuan.


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