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Analysis of Vary Distributed Rendering (Part 2)

2018-04-08 01:36:21

Distributed rendering is a kind of network rendering technology that can distribute the rendering of a single frame image to multiple computers (or multiple cpus). There are a number of ways to implement this technique, but the main idea is to divide a single frame into different areas that are calculated separately by each computer or CPU.



Interface description




Distributed: Enables distributed rendering. Settings… : Opens VRay Networking


Settings box.




Search: Find VRay rendering servers available on the network. It takes about 2 seconds. All found servers are displayed in the list. You can right-click the server name to Set the server status: Enable: enable; Disable: disable; Set priority: set the response priority.


Start using distributed rendering




First test the server, run vrmaxspawn.exe: this will automatically run 3dsmax into the server state. In this state, the title of 3dsmax is automatically set to


"$0_SRV_MAXSCENE.MAX". If everything works, the server is set up. Do the above steps on each rendering server.




Now test the client. As usual, open max, open the image you want to render... Set vray as the current renderer, check distributed and press settings. Make sure you have at least one vray rendering server set up on your LAN and press the search button. It takes about 2 seconds to complete the search. If the automatic search is not complete, you can use the add server button to manually enter the IP address to add. You can right-click the server name to Set the server status: Enable: enable; Disable: disable; Set priority: set the response priority. Enable the server. Now VRay can set the response priority. Don't set it to Real-time. If set to real-time, the highest CPU priority will be used on the server and VRay will occupy 100% of the server CPU so that no other operations can be done on the server. The VRay Networking Settings box can be left on during rendering, showing the current status of each server: down, idle, busy, and invalid. Now you can press Render to start rendering! Do not enable the disable server during rendering. If you want the local machine to participate in the computation, just use the local machine as the server and do this when the local machine also runs VRMaxSpawn big scene is very memory consuming, VRay developers promise to fix this issue in 1.1 release. Two computers, one of which is a server and the other is both a server and a client (so you can see that there are two max's running on the diagram). Screenshot taken during client rendering.


Special attention (of great importance) :




All servers must have all the plugins and textures required for the current file. Therefore, before rendering, all the plug-ins used in the current scene must be installed on each rendering server, and the map must be copied to the map search path of MAX on each rendering server.




It is currently inefficient to render animations using distributed rendering. Best used only to render static images. The animation can use MAX's standard method: Net Render.




Rendering scenes that use I-map may not be very effective either. Because the computation in the I-map part is not distributed. Each rendering server calculates the I-map independently, which is double-counting and wasteful. Developers will try to improve this in the future. My solution is to choose the fastest server to do the calculation, save it as an I-map file, put it on the network, and each computer directly calls this I-map. , the I-map path is set to:




Do not start rendering and immediately cancel rendering. Sometimes it causes MAX to die.




The pause button is invalid and has not been implemented. This problem is MAX's own problem and may not be solved in the future.




3DSMAX3.X, 3DSVIZ 3.X/4.X does not support VRay distributed rendering.




One problem that may be encountered is that friends using D version are not running properly, which is because the crack is not good. VRay 1.08.04p Cracked by roocoon This version roocoon claims to have completely cracked the distributed rendering part.




This introduction to the basics of vary rendering focuses on practice and operation. If you want to practice rendering objects, learn more about vary expertise to better enable you to render your work.


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