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An ancient poem that expresses love is suitable for confession

2018-04-03 01:36:45

Ancient people have a lot of descriptions about love, we occasionally borrow a few sentences to express their feelings, will certainly increase a bit of literary atmosphere. Next, Xiaobian will share some of my impressive ancient poems for your reference.


Evil, I want to know the king, long life will not fail. When mountains have no mausoleum, rivers run dry. Winter thunder, summer rain and snow. Heaven and earth are together, but dare to be with you. -- The earliest is to listen to the purple Wei of Huanzhu Gege.


Li Zhiyi's operator, day think of the king not see the king, only wish the heart like my heart, will not be lovesickness. Both express their emotions directly


What is between the advent of love, teach life and death. It was a very good word, when I was a child watching TV series was scared by Li Mochou's voice and background music.


Once the sea is difficult water, remove is not a cloud. Two very famous sentences. Xiao Bian prefers the last two sentences. Take a lazy review of flowers, half edge of the way. Every time I read the last two sentences, I think of "To the Oaks."


The clothes gradually widen the end does not regret, for the Yi dissipated people haggard. Acacia people are thin, must be true love.


A metaphor leads to a frank confession that feels like a very rhythmic read


Taking your hand, growing old with you together Many TV shows like to use this line.


There are many more, : if the two feelings for a long time, and how in the day and night the world can be a double law, not Tairai not Qing Tian not old, love is difficult. ...