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Amusement equipment operators must know a few matters

2018-04-10 04:48:17

With the hot market of amusement equipment, the competition of amusement parks is also increasing, as an amusement park operator, you must know the following points if you want to run the park better.


Necessary marketing knowledge, in order to make their own park passenger flow, it is necessary to introduce some series of publicity policies, so you can according to market prediction and investigation of consumer psychology, characteristics combined with some marketing knowledge you know to develop the corresponding activities and park promotion program.


It is necessary to be familiar with the products of their own park, the characteristics of some products, the use of precautions, maintenance, maintenance methods. The built-in items of the product, the quality of the good or bad identification, etc., should be understood, for the future in the process of business preparation!


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Understand the relevant laws and regulations, say which amusement equipment is not allowed, is prohibited by national laws and regulations. In addition, it is necessary to read relevant materials in various children's playground regulations such as economic regulations, labor regulations, social security, health, and fire protection to ensure children's safety and playground safety. Of course, there are also many aspects of knowledge learning when the playground is opened, such as opening requirements, health requirements, fire requirements, etc., are also very important.