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American travel classic routes

2018-02-24 01:36:00

(1) Fly to Los Angeles, rent a car around the tour, San Diego, Old, Las Vegas, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, etc. Las Vegas is a bet, but be careful to stop in time. The trip will take two weeks. (2) the car rental, Chicago trip to the Midwest, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado) mainly visit the national park and important city along the way. It will take two weeks. (3)Smoky mountain park-blue ridge park way- Washington DC tour, lasting ten days. (4) New York - Boston -Niagara falls trip, lasting one week. You can visit Yale in New heaven on your way from New York to Boston. (5) Take a plane to Miami, and then take a cruise to the Gulf of Mexico for a tour, and rent a car to play nearby for 4 or 5 days after returning to Miami (see beauty in Miami Beach, see alligators in Everglades Park, and read :Key west). It takes more than 10 days in total. The above five lines are finished, basically across the east and west, across the north and south, many Americans have been dreaming of things for many years by you a year, cattle people were born, cry up to the sky, ask who is the Lord of heaven and earth. Came back and talked about it with many professors, they were surprised and bowed down. If you have time to go to Alaska, then you have really traveled all over the world, and the United States will be divided into the helm of you! Eastern, tour can drive their own car (if the car condition is better), western tour as far as possible to rent a car, mountain high road far, the road is difficult to say, and sparsely populated, no signal) In general, winter vacation to the south or to California, spring break summer vacation to the east. It must be after June to go, and after October, some attractions may be closed again. If possible, a trip to Smoky mountain park and Blue ridge park in the fall (which should be late fall in Chicago) is highly recommended On the 480-mile Blue Ridge National Parkway, there's no need to walk all the way. With its vibrant cars rolling and leaves flying, and its red, lush forests and light mist, it's a picturesque scene. Because I have seen the beauty of spring, guess autumn is gorgeous, but when there is no advice, do not distinguish things, the opportunity is fleeting, which brothers and sisters this autumn do not forget to send a photo to me. Make the most of your GPS by using it to search for wine (if you don't have a target in mind), Chinese restaurants, gas stations, attractions, shopping malls, and more. The above introduction is only the regular route, most of which are what we have experienced, in fact, there are many kinds of arrangement and combination, please make plans according to the season, holidays, personal preferences, I believe that everyone will have a great harvest after a year. Finally,Sum up, that is: road travel is far away, safety first to remember. All the water is gone, and the family is looking forward to returning to the nest early.