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Akatsuki Legend 2 How to Use the Blood Soul Fruit

2018-03-15 00:00:00

In the Akatsuki Legend 2 web game, I do not know if the player has found his backpack, there will be some strange fruit props from time to time? Well, for example, blood soul fruit is one of them. Then Akatsuki Legend 2 How to use the blood soul fruit? Akatsuki Legend 2 How is the Blood Soul fruit obtained? Let's take a look at it, shall we? Akatsuki Legend 2 The Blood Soul Fruit is a red heart-shaped fruit item that has a use level of 1 and is applicable to all classes. The Blood Soul Fruit is a Life Force fruit that players must use after raising their Blood stone level to Level 3. Each time a player uses a Blood Soul fruit, they can permanently increase their blood Blue recovery by 1 point and Blood Stone health bonus by 0.5. After using Blood Soul Fruit, Blood Stone will display the equipment box special effect. When players use the blood soul fruit, the number of blood soul fruit can not exceed a certain limit, you can raise the blood stone level, increase the use of blood soul fruit limit. When the player reaches level 20, he can use the Blood Soul Fruit 50 times and activate the Awakening Blood Soul Ability effect. The effect of this skill is Rejuvenation: Life Recovery +200, Magic recovery +200, and soul trigger chance is 16%. Players want to get the blood soul fruit, you can double-click to open the forged fruit treasure box to obtain, this forged fruit treasure box, can kill a variety of high-level bosses, there is a certain chance to fall. Or players can also receive some blood Soul fruits through the daily recharge gift pack.