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aj13 panda how to distinguish between true and false

2018-03-18 03:12:30

The discussion about aj13 panda's authenticity seems to be very popular on the forum post bar, because the large area of black and white matching on the appearance of this shoe looks a little cute cartoon feeling but also overbearing, giving people a very refreshing feeling. And the high imitation aj13 panda on the market is also numerous, then how to identify the true and false aj13 panda, the following small trace will teach you how to identify it.


A pair of aj13 pandas


First of all: Small trace to say that the key to the identification of this kind of brand shoes is to start from the details, high imitation products may be able to do fish eyes mixed beads, but in the details are not withstand scrutiny;


The first point: to start with the shoe box of aj13 panda, the first thing to buy this shoe is to look at the shoe box. The shoe box is black, the texture is very good, to ensure that the size on the shoe box, the bar code on the shoe box and the relevant production information are complete, in order to ensure that the shoe box is true;


Second point: Look at the label on the shoe. From the aj13 panda identification point of view, the shoe label information is very complete, need to have Jordan silhouette logo, but also have the size standard and the corresponding production place and product bar code and other information;


Secondly, many barcodes on shoes can now be swept out by application, which is a key point in the identification of aj13 panda;


Third point: Depending on the details of the car line and design of the shoe, it is better to say here: 1, look at the upper pattern work, aj13 panda color is mostly white +X X part has rough patterns, 2, the heel can see the cat's eye, cat's eye different angles look different, 3, there is aj13 panda foot arch bottom is carbon plate, fake hard plastic plate, carbon plate is patterned, the small grid of the pattern;


Fourth point: This is also the most important need of Xiaobai, you can directly take a clear picture of each part and put it on the professional website identification area to find someone to help do the identification of aj13 panda, generally there are problems can be easily found out. Hope everyone can buy genuine aj13 panda!

Matters needing attention

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