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Advanced lust games between men and women with transient "sexual amnesia"

2018-02-22 19:12:00

What is sexual amnesia? Not completely abstinence, delimit a "sexual fasting period" between the two people, suspend sexual life, but does not mean completely abandon physical contact, retain the gentle touch, sweet pillow talk, surprise small note, the intimacy of ten fingers, the kiss of first love... The time of "sexual amnesia" varies from person to person, but the short time should not be less than 10 days, the long time should not exceed 60 days, otherwise it will become permanent "sexual amnesia"! Couples implement intermittent "sexual amnesia" has the following advantages: 1, maintain a certain sense of distance, not the heart of the day and night of the feeling of putty. 2, to enhance the communication between couples, you can take advantage of this period to stimulate the romance of two people who are worn away by daily chores. 3, for the "lifting of the ban" after the reserve of energy, so that every physical communication to enjoy. 4. Stay away from disease. From a medical professional point of view, excessive sexual life has great damage to physical health. Do not think that intermittent "sexual memory loss" is just an illusory reverie, and now many couples have taken the lead to try such a life. The author learned that two couples who live like this may wish to take a look at their personal experience: Peng Jun (pseudonym) Media people Tuesday, May 1, 2007 Yin really can't understand why she came up with such a thing, but also a very formal-sounding title, nothing more than 1, 3, 5, 7... We can't "that" these months. Insist on two months, finally look forward to the long vacation, actually met the "taboo period", really! May 6, 2007 Sunday light rain can be gas, in the supermarket, she offered to buy "that" (condom), I really can't think, this month is not a "taboo period", bought and no "use" place. But she, said to be prepared, I have now adapted to, anyway, it is 30 days, and I found that her temper has changed a lot, but also become a lot more diligent, is she feel indebted to me? Peng Jun: The first one or two months are the most difficult, but people, should learn to control themselves. Controlling this desire has also taught me to control my temper, and we fight less than before. Heroine: Xu Li (pseudonym) shopping mall salesman Saturday, May 5, 2007 Yin He is angry with me today, because I put forward this "taboo period", have insisted on a few months, bear it is not over? Tell him reason, he did not listen, so doing for two people really good, but he just did not understand my good intentions, really wronged death... Thursday June 21, 2007 Fine Today, he offered to pick me up from work for the first time, which touched me so much! I think this is due to the "taboo period" that I tried for almost half a year. Before he was always macho, don't say to pick me up from work, even downstairs to buy a pack of cigarettes have me to go. Now good, finally know distressed people! Xu Li: I learned this way of life from a magazine, and at first I was afraid he wouldn't approve, but we stuck with it. I think the words in the magazine are quite right: husband and wife life, need such innovation. Everyone should learn "intermittent memory loss" need to clarify is that I do not mean intermittent "sexual memory loss" is the highest level of Platonic love, I think this life between husband and wife, lovers is the highest level of love. According to one survey, 7% of people think that the first purpose of finding a partner is to solve physical needs. I was so surprised! In fact, the life expectancy of "wife and child hot kang" still exists in many people's hearts, as if married life should be work, work, eat, sleep unchanged, as if marriage is just to carry on the family. As everyone knows, there should be independent space between husband and wife, there should be tender hugs, there should be whispering honey, there should be intermittent "sexual amnesia"... Of course, if only intermittent "sexual amnesia" is limited to sexual life is also one-sided. There are many "intermittent amnesia" places between husband and wife: please forget each other's vexatious, please forget each other's occasional small negligence, please forget each other's angry words, please forget each other's inadvertent hurt......