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Aden travel planning guide

2018-05-01 00:00:00

Aden Scenic area is located in the southeast of its scenery to maintain the purity of the near extinction on the earth, known as "the last piece of pure land on the water blue planet" by international friends. A photographer's paradise. Aden Scenic Area, located in Riwa Township, Province, state county, scenic area elevation of 2900 meters () to 6032 meters (Xianai peak), an area of 56,000 hectares.


Clothing: down jacket, sweater, jeans, gloves, scarf, trench coat, good heating and easy to travel shoes.


Essentials: Sunglasses, moisturizing oil, sunscreen, commonly used medicine, flashlight, swimming clothes, chocolate, etc.


[Day 1] - Kangding morning departure, through Chengya highway, Erlang Mountain tunnel, county (power station construction, the implementation of traffic system, the traffic impact is greater), so today to Kangding will not go, simple feeling under the love song hometown, looking for Yo big sister and handsome Kangba man. Accommodation: Kangding


[The second day] Kangding - Bridge - Tagong - Kangding start to cross the Guanwai-Iduo Mountain (4298 meters above sea level), stop for a while, take photos of the mountain, the scenery around the bridge is unlimited, ※ The bridge, located in the north-south fork of the Sichuan-Tibet Line, is a picturesque world. Magical light, boundless grassland, winding stream, golden cypress poplar, rolling mountains, scattered Tibetan villages, cattle and sheep grazing peacefully... The scenery of western Sichuan blossomed beautifully. This is the bridge, the fascinating "world of light and shadow", the "paradise of photography". Night:


【 Day 3 】 -- Because of the road construction along 318, today's driving time will be relatively long, over the Scissors Bend Mountain and Katzilla Mountain (two mountains of more than 4,000 meters); Flocks of cattle and sheep scattered on the meadow, like black and white pearls; The world's high city, long youth Temple (the largest yellow temple in the state) must not go. Then it passes through Haizi Mountain, which looks like the surface of the moon (and many friends say more like Mars). Night:


[Day 4] - Aden Morning View - Along the river, Salabazi (Baiyang, Chaoxia, Xiaohe, village), via Riva to Aden; Arrive at the last Shangri-La - Aden, ride or hike to Chonggu Temple, enjoy the sunset of Chano Dorjee; Right now you and I are in a wonderland; Aden, the only beautiful place in the world, has everything you can imagine, and everything you can't imagine! Host: Aden


[The fifth day] Aden play back early to shoot the sacred mountain - Yang Maiyong, the sacred mountain under the morning sun Yang Maiyong awe, looking for a piece of water for the prospect of the reflection, the Yang Maiyong in the water is more beautiful (pay attention to avoid the monitoring of the manager); Take in the scenery of three sacred mountains and beautiful cattle farms (imagine that); If the weather and physical strength permit, go to the milk Sea and the five colors Sea through the temple; (On this day, the road meal is prepared by the individual) return to the cattle farm; After recuperating, I came to Okoji Temple to take another sunset of the Shano Dorjee sacred Mountain; After returning to Longlongba by car to return to bubble the famous Rubuchaka, wash off a body of hope dirty, and full of fatigue; Night:


[Day 6] - Bridge after enjoying the morning scene, set foot on the way home, when did not look carefully, did not have time to shoot will have a chance to make up. Savor the charm of the Tibetan Plateau...... At dusk, pass Kaur Temple Mountain and shoot from the west view of the main peak of the snow Mountain (the sunset effect is unique here); Then return to the bridge. Night: Bridge


[The seventh day] Bridge - left the real sense of Tibetan areas, crossed the pass again - Yiduo Mountain, took a group photo in front of the five-color wind horse and prayer flags (the last mountain of more than four thousand in this trip) through Kangding, Erlang Mountain tunnel back.

Matters needing attention

Take good rain gear


Altitude sickness people, eat some rhodiola rosea