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Aden travel guide

2018-05-01 01:36:00

Since the area of Aden scenic area is as large as 56,000 hectares, and most of them are mountain roads, it is recommended that tourists play [short] on the first day and [long] on the second day. The following figure is the Aden 8-day tour route designed by the Fun Tour travel customization division (: 13509420220), issued from the "come and don't want to leave", has passed the "Revolutionary Holy Land" bridge, "Photography Paradise" bridge, "World High City" to reach Aden, 2 days to play the Aden scenic area, in the "Buddhist Holy Land" stay one night, and finally return to the end of the journey.

Aden scenic short line guide

After breakfast, leave from [wine] to [Scenic station] to visit Aden, take the scenic [sightseeing bus] (about 30KM, about 1.5 hours, 120 yuan round trip), go to [Zhagubang] to enter the core scenic area of Aden, walk to [Chonggu Temple], enjoy the natural [Chonggu Lawn] composed of grass, forest, stream and Lamaism. After walking to appreciate the [Zhen] (Tibetan meaning Zhuomalatso) at the foot of Xian Nai Day, (Chonggu Temple to Zhen full round trip 3KM, walking time is 2 hours), is the best location to appreciate Xian Nai day, the afternoon can be according to the tour time out of the scenic spot.

Aden scenic long line guide

After breakfast (Erjin Gully sightseeing bus 60 yuan, the cost is your own), Erjin gully transfer scenic area [sightseeing bus] to [Zhaguan collapse] into the core scenic area of Aden (tour time is about 8 hours 00 minutes), walk a few minutes to [Chonggu Temple], change to take a battery car or walk (about 7 kilometers, 2 hours, 80 yuan round trip, One way 50 yuan) go to [Luolong Cattle Farm] (4180M above sea level), enjoy the two sacred mountains of [Charo Dorji Mountain] (5958M above sea level, meaning Vajra Bodhisattva) [Yangmai Yongshen Mountain] (5958M above sea level, meaning Manshu Bodhisattva), and take a rest here. You can choose to ride a horse (500 yuan/round trip/person) or walk to visit [Milk Sea] (4500M above sea level) and [Five Color Sea] (4600M above sea level). At about 16 PM, return to the scenic spot on the original road and return to Shangri-La town by car.

Ticket time, traffic departure time

From April 4 to April 30, the ticket sale and verification time for tourists in the scenic spot is 8:00 am - 17:00 PM. The departure time of scenic sightseeing bus tourists is 8:00 a.m., and the collection time is 19:00 p.m. The departure time of the scenic battery car is 8:30 am, and the closing time of the Luorong cattle farm is 18:30 PM.


From May 1 to October 31, the summer schedule for tourist ticket sales and verification will be changed to 7:20 am - 17:30 PM. The departure time of scenic sightseeing bus tourists is 7:20 a.m., and the time of receiving the bus is 19:00 p.m. The departure time of the scenic battery car is 8:00 am, and the closing time of the Luorong cattle farm is 18:30 PM.

Use your ID card to enter Aden Scenic Area

When tourists buy tickets: In the Ctrip and other OTA platform to buy Aden scenic tickets, tourists will receive a short message notification after successful purchase.


When visitors enter the park: brush the second-generation ID card at the ticket gate of the scenic gate to enter the scenic spot.


When visiting the scenic spot: If the scenic spot staff checks the ticket, it is necessary to provide the ID card used when purchasing the ticket.

Transportation in the scenic area

Battery car: From Chonggu Temple lawn to Luo Rong cattle farm 7km, 80 yuan round trip. Tips: The first section of good physical strength can choose to walk, but the second section of walking back takes more time and physical strength, so it is still a battery car.


Sightseeing bus: Sightseeing bus costs 120 yuan per person. Warm reminder: The traffic in the scenic area is not allowed to enter the outside vehicles. But there are options to take a battery car, a sightseeing car and horseback riding or hiking.


Horse gang: From Luolong cattle farm to milk Sea this section of the mountain road is difficult to walk, the physical requirements for everyone is still relatively high, about 5-6 hours on foot and back, 4 hours on horseback. The gang operates from 8:00 to 14:00 every day. The ticket price of the caravan is 305 yuan/person (of which 300 yuan is the transport service fee of the caravan as usual; The other 5 yuan is used to purchase insurance, which covers death liability, disability liability and medical liability if you accidentally fall off a horse while riding.) Where to buy: Luo Rong Cattle Farm Horse Gang ticket office. How to buy: You need to register at the ticket office with your ID card. Reservations are not available in advance. Online ticket purchase is not supported. Operation section: Luorong Cattle Farm (4180M above sea level) to Sheshi Cliff (4450M above sea level), one way (3.5km). Number of operations: Send horses in four classes every day, each class of 30 horses, starting from 8:00 every day, the implementation of rolling tickets for each class. Warm tips: It is recommended that people with good physical strength choose to walk, so that they can stop and go, enjoy the free viewing, and can stay longer in the milk sea. If you go to the milk sea, but also want to go forward to turn the mountain then you can only choose to hike.

Matters needing attention

There are no restaurants in Aden scenic area, visitors need to bring their own lunch and drinking water.


Milk Sea, five color sea round-trip needs at least 4 hours, the altitude is above 4500, please make reasonable arrangements according to your own physical strength.


Whether on horseback or on foot, you should pay attention to safety when playing in Aden scenic area, please protect your valuables to prevent loss.


Fun Road travel to provide Aden route design, charter, booking wine and other services, can consult 13509420220